Lesson Links: Solving for a in terms of b

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Relevant questions from the SHSAT handbook:

2012-2013 Handbook Form A

68) If 2x+2y-6=14, what is the value of x in terms of y?

F) 10-y

G) 10-2y

H) 8-y

J) 8-2y

K) 4-y

2012-2013 Handbook Form B

88) If \frac{3t-s}{4}=8s, what is the value ofs in terms of t?

F) \frac{t}{2}

G) \frac{t}{3}

H) \frac{t}{4}

J) \frac{t}{7}

K) \frac{t}{11}


96) (3m+2n)-(2m-3n)+k=0

For any value of m and n, what is the value of k in the equation above?

F) -m-5n

G) -m+n

H) 0

J) 1

K) m+5n

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