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    Got any SHSAT questions? We can discuss them here, I’ll do my best to answer!

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    Nyc Kidesjohnsnow

    i am having troble wit this problm. x+2=6 find x
    how do i do this . man this is too hard

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      With equations the idea is that you do the same thing to both sides. In this case we subtract 2 from both sides.

      x + 2 = 6
      – 2 -2
      x = 4

      This is the beginning of algebra, a very important topic. If you want to learn more check out or

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    The answer is 4

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    What raw score do I need for Stuyvesant an estimate. Also which practice test is closest to real shsat

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      Low to mid 80s raw score would probably give you a pretty good shot at Stuy.
      The best practice tests are probably from the board of education shsat handbooks. There are links to them on this site or you can go to the ny board of education’s site. Other than that the Barron’s shsat book has pretty good tests.

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        Are you sure? I’ve heard lots of tutors say u need at least like a 92, when u said about a 80 to 85, I kind of felt relieved as I get 87 to 94s. However, how do You know for sure? I really want to get in that’s why.

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          It’s hard to say for sure as the results are different every year and they tweak the formula. I’m basing my answer mostly on this article: and this chart from the article: . It does use some pretty old data, so the raw cutoff may be slightly higher now, but 92 sounds high. At least in the past, it was true that you also get a boost if you get close to perfect on one section. In my experience, in your score range, assuming we’re talking about good practice tests like the official ones, you’ve got a pretty good shot. It all boils down to one test day though, which is unpredictable, so keep studying the tricky stuff!

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          Ok thank you!

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          Hello I am going to Kaplan for tutoring every Saturday what is the expected amount to get on a practice test to get into stuy as I have a diagnostic coming up.

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          this is for kaplan not the government test

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    Arwin Kumar

    the test is soclose , do you have any tips to study and get better in the short ammount og time?

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      Same question the last 10 math questions always seem harder for me. That’s where I lose a lot of points

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    Arwin Kumar

    Khans Tutorial has the best shsat classes.I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go to stuy/bx science.

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    Arwin Kumar

    i took the shsat today and i was kinda hard

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    Hello and thank you.
    My son, like you had wrote previously, does well on practice handbook tests but they do repeat and he sees the exact same questions. You say that your students sometimes do much worse than their practice test? What is some advice please (he is taking it in 9 days due to an issue that makes his test day Nov 5th. Just jitters? Wwe so wish to know is that is our fear. Thanking you.

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